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If you need a stunning high resolution image printed on a variety of materials. Please check out the "YOTTA" brand flatbed printer produced by Yueda printing. Our printer can be used for printing high-quality images in a wide array of industries, such as metal, glass, leather, ceramic, timber, bamboo, fabric, T-shirt, plastic, silica gel, fiberboard, PVC, acrylic and advertising materials etc. The "YOTTA" will produce high quality images and save you money on hardware ink and energy. Since our doors opened over 4 years ago we have been producing great quality flatbed printers, and that’s not all. Our engineers have worked tirelessly creating new products while consistently improving on our current product line. Some of our most proud developments include: universal printers, UV flatbed printers, UV inkjet printers, digital textile printers and hybrid printers, among others. The company owns the well-known "YOTTA" brand and this solidifies our position as a leading supplier of UV flatbed printers. With a large staff of nearly 200 and a vast manufacturing complex we always guarantee to fill the largest of orders in a very expedient manner. This heavy investment in personnel and facilities shows we are in this business for the long haul and we will be here to service your needs and provide you with advanced products for many years to come.

Yueda believes strong management is the cornerstone for business success and we utilize the ISO9001 quality management system, meticulous intellectual property management system and our own rich expertise to accomplish this.

Our R&D center has made tremendous strides and now owns more than 20 patents. If you require installation guidance or have any feedback or complaint for us, please let us know.

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